Scrubland Map *

Scrubland Map *

Fresh Flowers Collective
Scrubland — Map, Legend, and Detail Images
Watercolor on paper
36 x 51cm; 25.4 x 38.1

Scrubland Map is designed to feel familiar to individuals living in Pereira, Colombia. Using native, and commonly found flowers and vegetation from the region, the Fresh Flowers Collective (FFC) has designed a map that utilizes a mosaic of flora to denote areas at high, medium, or low risk to landslides and floods. The areas of risk were identified according to the official risk map of Pereira. On this piece, FFC states:

Just as maps must be dynamic, the vegetation and flowers of this artwork express dynamism. They grow, they expand or they decrease with time. In this sense, Scrubland -Map reflects risk as something in constant movement. Like risk, the dispersal of foliage and flowers do not have a static pattern but rather obey the complexity of the territory.

The Fresh Flowers Collective (FFC) is an artistic group composed of three multi-disciplinary individuals: artist Laura Bernal who has a background in electrical engineering and specializes in information and communication technologies, artist Daniela Maya who focuses her practice on the plastic arts, and development specialist Cristian Camilo Fernandez who focuses his work on disaster risk management. FFC concentrates their practice on the communication of big data and technical information to communities at the local level. FFC was founded on the premise that complex problems require interdisciplinary teams, and that art is a unique tool in how it can synthesize large amounts of data into digestible images that are as familiar and accessible as they are intricate.

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*Fresh Flowers Collective is an emerging artistic group, this exhibition is their first international show.

  • Laura Bernal: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, CO
  • Daniela Maya: Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, CO
  • Cristian Camilo Fernandez: Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Perira, CO; Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra, PT