In the 21st century, there is perhaps no more important set of challenges than understanding the impacts of disasters and environmental changes on our communities and societies, particularly in the developing world.

Art provides a powerful way to communicate complex ideas, inspire action, and connect communities — helping advance resilience.

GFDRR’s Lab, in partnership with the World Bank Group Art Program, presents The Art of Resilience

This art will be featured in a three-month exhibition will be held at World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington D.C. beginning in October 2019. A selection of the exhibition will travel to various other venues, including to Singapore for the ten-year anniversary of the Understanding Risk Forum in May 2020.

Washington, D.C.

World Bank Group Headquarters
1818 H St. NW

October 29, 2019


Singapore Expo Center
1 Expo Dr.

May 16, 2020