The Indus River Game *

The Indus River Game *

Eduardo Feuerhake Aguero
The Indus River Game
Mixed media on paper
82 x 54cm (dimensions can be variable)

Eduardo Feuerhake Aguero works as both an artist, and an emergency and resilience specialist. As an instructor at the Università Iuav di Venezia, and consultant for UN-Habitat in Mozambique, he explores topics related to the theory and practice of disaster mitigation.

This game was distributed to thousands of children across Pakistan to teach them how to cope with natural disasters. Considering the 2005 earthquake that affected Pakistan as well as their consecutive years of intense flooding, Aguero sought to create something visual and tactile that the younger generation – the generation who will be managing future natural disasters most intensely – could understand. Using informative captions, a mix of realistic and cartoon imagery, and friendly words of warning the game is both directly instructive and artistically charming. On this piece, Aguero states:

Using bright colors, simple compositions, and a touch of humor, this game is structured to help the children understand the behavior of the river, it’s journey through the whole country and the many problems and potential solutions connected to its banks. Drawings were carefully done to respect the shapes and forms of principal monuments, landscapes and typologies already existing in the country so that it could feel familiar to the children, and thus easily relatable. The goal was to inspire a change of attitude when facing natural disasters for the children, a change that will promote a preparedness approach for future catastrophes.

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  • UN Pavilion Art and Architecture Curator, World Urban Forum, Global, 2012, 2014, 2018

Universidad de Chile, Santiago, CL