If Not Now, When? *

If Not Now, When? *

Dana Hassan
If Not Now, When?
Acrylic, conte, graphite, markers and ink on a concrete-coated canvas
90 x 55 x 6cm

Born in Beirut, Dana Hassan works at the intersection of business administration and visual storytelling. As a trained illustrator, Dana uses her graphic design skills to interpret urban environments. Inspired by her daily living in Beirut, she discusses this piece:

Cities age just like us. We tend to think of our cities as robust structures withstanding natural disasters. In reality, their urban skin is aging, accelerating dysfunction of their tissues and maintenance of their normal functions. In this crumpled abstraction of Beirut, I went skin deep exploring one of the oldest cities that, according to a legend, has been demolished and reconstructed seven times.

This three-dimensional fabric traces Beirut’s dilapidated urban evolution. The drawings show how Beirut’s nucleus has grown and neighborhoods evolved with a range of economic, urban, social, and cultural levels which led to disparity in the nature of the urban fabric, threatening the disappearance of the city’s unique character and its planning and design characteristics. Some are orderly, while others are random. Some are in perfect conditions and some are broken into pieces. The markings, the cracks, circles, squares, and lines symbolize the ’emotional faults’ that Beirut needs to resolve – from tempering impacts, to reducing vulnerabilities, and sustaining political commitment– in order to survive and thrive against future stresses and shocks.

Select Previous Exhibitions
  • International Festival of Comics, Syndicate of Professionals in Graphic Design and Illustration, Lebanon, 2004

American University of Beirut, Beirut, LB

Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts, Dekwaneh, LB